02 February, 2011

Favourite tracks in 61

Ensembl 61 has gone live. In displays like gene summary and region in detail, favourite tracks can be turned on. To do this, open the configuration panel (click on configure this page in the left hand menu). Activating a star by clicking on it will place that track in the favourites menu (shown by an arrow in the diagram).

Hover over any track name in these views to view information about the data, change the display, or turn the track off. Turning on tracks must still be done with the configuration panel.

We hope this helps ease of navigation. Read about other updates in 61, such as our new species, Turkey, in the news. The Ensembl Team


Sven said...

Ensembl is since this upgrade not working anymore with the Opera browser.

As this is my main working tool, its pretty bad. I hope you guys find a fix to the problem soon.

Using newest Opera 11.01 and Java R23.

Ensembl Helpdesk (Giulietta) said...

Hello Sven,

Though Opera is not a supported browser, we have two team members who tried Opera 11 and can see everything on the new release. Without knowing precisely what is not working, it's hard to advise you. Maybe you can be more specific?

Try clearing history and/or cookies, that sometimes helps. Or, try one of the officially supported browsers:

Firefox 3+
Internet Explorer 7+
Safari 3+

These type of comments are better sent to our helpdesk: helpdesk@ensembl.org We get back to questions within 48 hours.

Sven said...

Hi Giulietta,

Thanks for your advice! Interestingly, the problem only occurs on the Sanger Mirror. The US Westcoast Server works like a charm with Opera on my computer.

I will send a screenshot to helpdesk.

And by the way, the new features are awesome!



Ensembl Helpdesk (Giulietta) said...

Hi Sven,

Thanks for emailing helpdesk- we can keep better track of issues with the website that way. Our webteam did find a problem with accessing www.ensembl.org from the US. If it's not fixed for you, please let us know.

By the way, the UK site is the original one- not a mirror! =)

We're glad you like the features.