16 December, 2009

Ensembl Events in January 2010

For the beginning of the new year we have the following Ensembl events lined up:

9-13 Jan: Ensembl & Ensembl Genomes demo at the Plant and Animal Genome Conference XVIII, San Diego, CA, US
19-20 Jan: Ensembl module in the EBI Bioinformatics Roadshow at City of Hope, Duarte, CA, US
25-27 Jan: Ensembl module in the EBI Tools for Genomics and Proteomics workshop at the Moroccan Society of Bioinformatics, Tangier, Morocco
28 Jan: Browser workshop at the University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK

For details about these and other upcoming events, please have a look at the complete list of Ensembl training events.

10 December, 2009

New on Pre!

Updated elephant and gorilla genomes are now available on the Ensembl Pre! site.

They will be released in full with annotated gene sets in Ensembl 57 (due spring 2010). The new gorilla assembly (gorGor2) includes short-read and capillary sequences. The elephant genome (Loxafr3.0) was also updated, and is at 7x coverage. The 57 release will present new genebuilds for both species.

08 December, 2009

Release 57 rescheduled

Ensembl release 57 has been rescheduled for mid to late February 2010.

We had originally planned for release 57 to be this week, but our final quality checks identified a significant error in the unreleased data set. Because of this, we feel that our users would be better served by rescheduling the release to ensure that we provide the best possible data resources for the community.

On behalf of everyone in the project, thank you for your continued support of Ensembl and we wish you all the very best for the holiday season and the new year.