13 January, 2011

New Ensembl mirror in Asia

We are pleased to announce the public availability of an Ensembl mirror in Asia. It can be found at http://asia.ensembl.org/ . This provides a fully functional Ensembl website, but there are some things to note which I've listed below.


We don't automatically redirect users to the new mirror, although we have plans for this in future. So for now you'll need to explicitly visit http://asia.ensembl.org/ to access it.

User logins

If you use the login functionality, your existing login will work on http://asia.ensembl.org/ , and configuration changes will be shared between sites.

Other services

We don't yet offer the Biomart or BLAST/BLAT services on the new mirror; these will come in the near future. We currently have no plans to offer an Aisa-based MySQL mirror, so you should continue use ensembldb.ensembl.org for MySQL queries.

We're very keen to hear your experiences with this new mirror; please use the Helpdesk in the first instance, or contact me directly.

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