22 June, 2010

Power failure

We are currently experiencing a power failure which has taken the main Ensembl site offline. Our mirror site uswest.ensembl.org is still running so please use this until we have the main site back online.


Ensembl Helpdesk (Giulietta) said...

Unfortunately, the USWEST search is down.

Ensembl users, the chinese mirror site seems to be fine.


Anonymous said...

the uswest search is indeed not working either

Ensembl Helpdesk (Giulietta) said...

Both the European and US installation of Ensembl are now working. Use either at:




Anonymous said...

The ftp site seems to be down also.

Ensembl Helpdesk (Giulietta) said...

The ftp site is temporarily down, and we´re working hard to get it up again.

Please remember all bugs can be reported to helpdesk@ensembl.org- the blog is not meant for this purpose.

Ensembl Helpdesk (Giulietta) said...

The ftp site is working again.