15 September, 2009

NCBI36 Ensembl Site

Ensembl announces the release of http://ncbi36.ensembl.org. This Ensembl site is for users who still need access to the NCBI36 human assembly. It is actually a complete copy of the Ensembl 54 release which was the last Ensembl release containing NCBI36.

Although access was already possible through the Ensembl archive sites, the new ncbi36.ensembl.org site will provide better performance because it is running on separate hardware. Also ncbi36.ensembl.org provides Blast/Blat search support which the archives do not.

The main reason we have provided a dedicated site for NCBI36 is for two large projects (Encode and 1000 Genomes) which have some of their data aligned on this assembly. ncbi36.ensembl.org will only be up for as long as there is significant need for it. We will be reviewing usage in Spring 2010 and currently plan to remove the site by Summer 2010. After that time users will still be access the NCBI36 assembly via the archive sites, there just won't be a dedicated site for it anymore.


Neil W said...

This is an excellent stopgap - will it be accessible via:

mysql -h ncbi36.ensembl.org -u anonymous

(etc) or will we need to use a different port and/or hostname?

Steve said...

Hi Neil

NCBI36 is running a copy of the release 54 site, and so is using release 54 databases. You can access those databases via the standard ensembldb.ensembl.org connection eg.

mysql -h ensembldb.ensembl.org -P5306 -uanonymous -Dhomo_sapiens_core_54_36p