15 July, 2009

Release 55

The Ensembl project is pleased to announce release 55 of Ensembl. Highlights of this release are:

* New GRCh37 human assembly;
* Wallaby 2x genome;
* Ability to display uploaded data on individual chromosomes or whole karyotype.

For more information visit our What's New page.


Ensembl Helpdesk (Giulietta) said...

To add your own data to the karyotype display, go to the Whole Genome page. Click on the Help button and read the "Add Your Own Data" section at the bottom.

Giuseppe said...

It seems that the Ensembl DAS reference server stopped working. I'm failing to obtain the source & epoints list. Is DAS server "down for maintenance"?

Ensembl Helpdesk (Giulietta) said...


Though the source and entry point lists were updated post-
release, it looks like there are some species' missing from the
sources list. We are working on updating these.

This sort of question is better sent to helpdesk@ensembl.org