15 August, 2008

Glitches in Ensembl

Ensembl is currently migrating to new hardware in conjunction to the development of new webcode for the next release (due in late September). During this period, and due to some technical issues, there might be some downtime of our website. We apologise for any problems this may cause and we are working to minimise its impact in Ensembl.

The Ensembl Team


Anonymous said...

So when might these "glitches" no longer be a concern? Today? Tomorrow? A year?

Ensembl Helpdesk (Giulietta) said...

Our next release in late September will be on new hardware and will be stable. In the meantime, as we migrate to the new hardware, glitches may occur and this is less than ideal. We are doing our best to stabilise the current site, but this should definately not be a problem past September.